Gunkanjima, the Battleship Island approved as World Heritage Site,
was recreated using leading-edge digital technology !

Large-scale digital installationGunkanjima Symphony
Gunkanjima prospered throughout Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. The island’s glorious past is recreated by a collage of valuable pictures and motion films!

Touch Panels Will Help to SolveMysteries of Gunkanjima
Unknown mysteries of Gunkanjima, developed through a full use of the most advanced technology of the time, are unraveled from different angles.

featuring bird’s-eye view3D model of Gunkanjima
3D model of current Gunkanjima using SfM technology, the latest image analyti-cal technique, taken by UAV.

Museum OriginalMotion Picture Gallery
Shooting from a high altitude with UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has been conducted!The valuable lm shows olden days and current Gunkanjima.

Residence RecreatedLife at the apartment
building in Gunkanjima
Over 30 high-rise concrete apartment buildings stood. A room has been recreated, where you may get a glimpse of the well-to-do life in those days.

Experience the Mining ShaftRoad to the Coal
Mining Site
Travel down the undersea mining shaft from the surface to the mining site by “gage” and trolley. Visitors can enjoy a virtual experience!

Focusing on PeopleExpressions of
Inhabitants on Gunkanjima had different jobs and roles to play. We will focus on these people’s expressions to offer a glimpse of their life.

Diorama × Digital ImagesRhythm of the Island
Scale 1:150 diorama + digital images will make visitors enjoy virtual experience of the island’s lively days.

Brush PaintingWonder Island
Japanese painting artist, Kanako Kinutani, presents a brush painting using ink made from coal on Gunkanjima. It reacts to gestures of the visitors.