Floating off the west coast of Nobo Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture at a distance of 18 km from Nagasaki Port, this small island has an area of 6.4ha with about 160m from east to west and about 480m from north to south. The of_cial name is “Hashima” , but the appearance of the island with a view from northwest looks like the battleship “TOSA” and it started to be called The Battleship Island, “Gunkanjima” in Japanese.

The island that enjoyed the height of prosperity as seabed coal mine to support the industrialization of Japan was formally approved as UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2015, as part of Japanʼ s “Sites of Japanʼ s Meiji Industrial Revolution-Iron and Steel, shipbuilding and Coal Mining” , which draws attention in and outside of Japan.

When viewed externally, the culture and life
in Gunkanjima cannot be known.

  • Japan's first
    high-rise concrete
  • The highest
    of television sets
    in Japan
  • Men living
    in the mines
    risked their lives
    on the job
  • The highest
    population density
    in the world
  • Japanʼs first
    rooftop garden
    in the concrete